App features

Update Your Profile

Make sure your contacts can reach you and let them know what's new and how they can help.


Search contacts by their profession, expertise, skills, status or personal details.


Keepin upgrades your networking capabilities by providing you additional information on your contacts and keeping it always updated.

What We Offer

Creating Your "Live" Contact List

No more "static" information. Start working "Live" with your contacts and transform your contact list into a powerful network tool!

First ever “What’s new?” feed for mobile contacts

See what your contacts are doing right now - Going on a business trip? Looking for a new job? New business opportunities?

Powerful Networking

Don't miss amazing business and social opportunities ever again!

Cloud Based

Access your contacts from any device, anywhere.


Your Keepin contacts are totally secured and private. No one can access them unless you decide to share any information.
It is all up to you

Easy to Manage

Easily manage your power network and activities, as well as upgrade your engagement level with your contacts.

About Keepin

Why Keepin?

We all have a contacts list that we spent years to build. Unfortunately, instead of being an efficient tool, in most cases our contacts' are outdated, lacking info and completely reliant on our update.

Keepin transforms your previously unusable contacts list into a highly valuable asset - a true networking power that:

  • Updates automatically ("Live")
  • Includes new types of data such as your contact's status, skills, websites, and social networks
  • Remains private and secured.

Keepin revolutionizes your existing contacts list, allowing you to benefit from and enjoy it in the best way possible. Find the people you need. Control how your contacts see you. Never lose business and social opportunities again!

Important! No one will see your contacts unless you decide to share anything!


About Keepin

How does it work?

By 3 simple steps

Download the app

Download the app
Create your profile

Create your profile

We recommend to add as much information as possible to increase the effectiveness of Keepin.

Invite your contacts to join

Invite your contacts to join
…and you’re done

Try it now!

And don’t forget to Keepin touch...


With Keepin you will always have your contact's most updated details, so you can actually reach them (Yeah, we think it's cool also...). Even better, you will know if they changed their job or if they need your help with anything.
Keepin search functions, as well as other functionalities (some to be added at a later stage), will help you to really use your network the way you always wanted and needed to.

No. Only if a user decides to share info with you. Keepin does not provide access to other users' info and contacts.

No. Your contacts are completely secured and only you can see them, unless you decide to share any info

As a start, you will get all "traditional" contact information (name, phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.) - only it will be updated.
New information which you might get (if your contacts added it of course), includes work information, special skills, status updates and more. 

Keepin lets you tell everyone what you are actually doing these days, how to reach you, including a link to your website or other relevant information, and basically – keeps you relevant. After all, your friends, colleagues, and clients are probably your best source for getting your next client, job, challenge or anything else you might need.